What Is VG (Vegitable Glycerin)?

What is VG?

Vegetable Glycerin, or VG for short, is the main ingredient in most vape juices on today's market.
So what is it? 
Vegetable glycerin (or glycerol) is a clear, sweet, odourless liquid produced from plant oils, typically derived from Palm Oil, Rapeseed oil, Soy, or Coconut oil.
Before we continue I would like to add that Vape Bros does not use Palm Oil in the manufacturing of our juices as it encourages the destruction of rain-forests to harvest the palm oil, thus destroying these beautiful and plentiful environments, as well as the much controversy surrounding Palm Oils effect on health .
The vegetable glycerin we use in the production of our liquids is derived from rapeseed, a renewable and sustainable source.  
How VG is made:
Vegetable Glycerin Molecular Structure
Vegetable Glycerin is made from an extraction process called hydrolysis. During this process, oils are placed under the combined force of pressure, controlled heat and water. Under these combined forces the ester bonds break and cause the glycerin to split from fatty acids and be absorbed by water. At this point the glycerin is distilled to increase purity; once Purified the Vegetable Glycerin has a syrup or oil-like texture.  
The main applications of vegetable glycerin are cosmetics products, food production, and vape juice. All VG used is the production of vape juice must be United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Grade, this ensures that the product meets the safe consumption purity 99.9%. Therefore, always double check that the juice you are buying is being made from USP grade vegetable glycerin as you could be vaping something that does not meet the requirements for human consumption.
Vegetable Glycerin's Role
Vegetable Glycerin when heated vaporises to make thick white clouds. These clouds carry the flavour and nicotine that are in your juices.
The vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol  (VG/PG) percentages vary throughout the market. On one end of the scale, higher vegetable glycerin percentage means a smoother throat hit and the creation of larger clouds. On the other end of the scale, higher propylene glycol percentages produce smaller clouds and a harsher throat hit.
 People with an allergy to propylene glycol, and those who love to perform vape tricks, prefer vape juices with a higher vegetable glycerin concentration for maxium clouds and smoother inhales.
We call this MAX VG.